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Topic: signs

Paul and Barnabas head into Lystra, and when the locals watch a lame man get up and walk in the power of God, they try to make sacrifices to them, thinking they are gods. Paul preaches to them, but before long, hostility arises and Paul is stoned and left for dead.
Acts 5:12-42 – A memorable event had just happened in the life of the new Church in Jerusalem, with the news of Ananias and Sapphira's "untimely" death. So people weren't sure what all this new group of believers was all about. But the Lord kept bringing people to faith, and the apostles continued to do miracles, healings, casting out demons, and it led to jealousy from the Sanhedrin. Pastor Steve Hall turns our attention to our own hearts, and how jealousy can very easily take root in us.
Two of the apostles are headed to the temple for worship when they encounter a crippled man panhandling at the temple gate. A miracle of healing gives opportunity for a gospel presentatio