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Archives: Sermons

Standing Firm

February 21, 2021
Like notifications on your phone remind you of things you might otherwise forget, Peter wraps up his letter with a couple things we shouldn’t forget.
When his life was threatened, Elijah ran for the desert. Maybe he thought no one would find him there. Maybe he thought the idea of dying by dehydration and starvation would be better than getting killed by the Queen. Scripture doesn’t tell us what he was thinking, other than that he wanted out. 

We Need Help!

December 27, 2020
There are so many places we look to for help. Psalm 121 recognizes our need for help, and encourages us to look to the right places

The Gift

December 24, 2020
I'm sure you've received some amazing gifts for Christmas over the years. If you grew up in church you know the greatest gift of all is Jesus – but why does it matter?