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Topic: preaching

As Paul finishes up his sermon, the audience responds in two ways – some want to hear more, and ask him to speak again next week. Others, however, start speaking contradictions and insults against him. Some believe, some reject. And yet Paul and Barnabas refuse to let persecution stop the message. Full of joy and the Holy Spirit, they keep pressing forward.
Peter and the other apostles find themselves back in front of the Sanhedrin, this time as a full group, and they are in danger. The Sanhedrin has decided to kill all 12 of them because they continue to preach in Jesus’ name, even though they were told not to. The only thing that keeps them alive is a Pharisee named Gamaliel who has a better idea… do nothing.
The Spirit came, and a crowd assembled when they heard the noise. But, upon hearing these Galileans speak other languages fluently, they assumed these hillbillies had been drinking before prayer. Peter, now filled with the Spirit, stands up and corrects them, giving the first explicitly Christian sermon ever given.