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Series: Between Advents

The Gift

December 24, 2020
I'm sure you've received some amazing gifts for Christmas over the years. If you grew up in church you know the greatest gift of all is Jesus – but why does it matter?

The Crown is Set

December 20, 2020
No matter what hardship you might face tomorrow, when you feel like God has moved – you’re right. But the resurrection proves he hasn’t moved away from you; he’s moved TO you!
Run with endurance 1 Thess 5:12-27 Notes:   About 10 days ago, my son’s basketball coach needed an assistant, so he called me to help out. I agreed to help,…
We don't like waiting, we don't like delays. We think there is a lot with the world that should be different, and maybe you wonder why God hasn't acted yet to make things right. This message looks at 2 Peter 3, and how God's promise isn't delayed – but is in fact a mark of his glorious patience.

Between Advents

November 29, 2020
The people of God have always been a waiting people; seeing what God had done in the past, and waiting for him to act on their behalf again. We step out of our 1 Peter series for a few weeks to talk about hope in waiting.