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Book: Philippians

When a stone mason begins building, he or she starts with one stone from which all the other stones are laid. As God is building believers into a spiritual house, there is one stone from which all the others derive purpose and significance.
A baby contributes nothing to their own birth, and is fully dependent on his/her parents to guard them and provide for them as they grow toward maturity. In 1 Peter, the apostle writes that our spiritual birth looks very similar. In this message, we look at how Peter makes those connections.
How do you define success? Maybe you look at people who are wealthy, or famous, or influential, and think that's how success is defined. But if you read the gospels, and look at the life of Jesus, you see a very different picture of success. Life isn't only what you make it.
Maybe you’ve had computer problems before, and someone told you, “Have you tried turning it off, and turning it back on again?” Sometimes a reboot helps solve the problem. What would happen if this virus/quarantine/etc is part of God’s merciful reboot in our lives? Shutting things down so that we learn to view them rightly?