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Topic: salvation

How do you interpret the world you see on the news and on social media? Would you say that it is all under the loving control of an all-powerful God? It sure seems like whoever is calling the shots is anything but "good" or "holy" or "right." If we go to the news media for answers to this question, there's a good chance we'll end up angry, anxious, and probably very judgmental. If we go to the Bible for answers, we'll find that things aren't always as they seem.
What does it mean to say that God is “holy”? What do we mean when we talk about his holiness? Can grace and holiness exist side-by-side, or does one eliminate the other? This look into Isaiah 6 helps us answer some of those questions.
We all have pretty solid ideas of what we think is the way work and life should work the best, and when it comes to spiritual things – it's not much different. However, following Jesus looks a lot more like trusting than it looks like "knowing."
Like a preview for a movie, Jesus allows three of his disciples a sneak peek into his future glory. The problem is that they are sound asleep. God speaks his audible words over Jesus, confirming him as the Messiah and reminds him that the plan of redemption is right on schedule.
As the people of Galilee continue to come into contact with Jesus, they know something is different, but they can't all put their fingers on it. Is he a prophet? The Messiah? One woman who was a known sinner made a bold move, putting her faith in action.


December 26, 2021
The angels announced that Jesus’ birth meant “Glory to God in the highest and peace on earth…” But if the word “peace” simply means “the absence of conflict” or “freedom from disturbances”, then the angels were full of garbage or Jesus did a terrible job and failed miserably at what he came to do.