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Topic: Evangelism

Peter begins to share the gospel with Cornelius, and before he is done speaking, the Holy Spirit falls on the Gentiles, and the game has shifted for the rest of human history - Gentiles are included in the promises of God!
Acts 8 opens with Philip heading into Samaria and seeing a revival of sorts taking place, and then suddenly an angel speaks to Philip and tells him to head South with no explanation. But what started out as an unknown directive ends up in a gospel interaction with a specific man that ended up being the first African to come to faith in Christ.
When the Pharisees approach Jesus, they ask him to do a magic trick. And he replies with, "Like Jonah was dead (in the belly of a fish) for three days and then rose again (came back to land alive), so the Son of Man will be resurrected." What else does the story of Jonah have to say about Jesus' life and ministry, death and resurrection?