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Story Of God

Everyone has a story If I pulled you aside at the park or the mall or your workplace and asked you to tell me your story, I bet you could do it without a whole lot of thought. Most of us enjoy telling our story, even it’s not a fancy one, because it gives people a window into who we are and what we’ve been through. Our story starts with us being born into a certain family, in a certain place, in a certain time of history — all completely out of our control — and we also all have an ending to our story. Some day our time will be up on this planet and our story will be punctuated by a funeral and a grave stone. Also out of our control. What happens between our birth and our death is what constitutes our story. Even God has a story. In fact He’s the one who invented story. The Bible tells us we belong to bigger story that is currently being written for all of history. It’s the Story of God. The entire Bible is one fluid story that began at Creation and continues right now, even as you read this, progressing toward a glorious ending! The question we have to answer, though, is this: If someone pulled you aside at the park or at the mall or at your workplace and asked you to tell them the Story of God, would you be able to recite it? If you were asked to explain how and where your story belongs in the story of the Bible would you know what to say? Only 1 out of 5 people who attend church regularly read their Bible, which means the answer to that question is probably, “No.”

New Sermon Series

In reality, the Story of God actually is your story. It’s beginning is your beginning, its characters are your characters and its conclusion is your conclusion. So, on September 8, we’re starting a new sermon series called The Story of God, where we look at the Bible beginning to end and trace the common theme of God’s plan to redeem people through all of history. We’ll glance at some of the Bible’s most famous people and stories and see how all of it was pointing to Jesus. My goal for the series is that by the end of it somewhere mid-Spring you’re able to rehearse the Story of God with confidence, and understand how your story fits into the greatest story ever told! Please join us!