Opportunities at River City

To be an ambassador is to be a representative that speaks on behalf of the one who sends you. To believe in Jesus is to be his representative wherever we go, understanding that he has commissioned and empowered his followers to be ministers of his grace. That means that if we’re providing food, we’re representing our Lord who is the bread of life. If we’re helping with safety and security, we represent a Savior who sovereignly protects and provides for his people. If we’re singing, we represent a God who sings over those he has chosen. If we’re picking up trash, we’re representing a God who picks people the world would reject and makes them part of his family! Do you see where this is going?

When you sign up to serve at River City, you’re doing much more than filling an empty space on a spreadsheet.
You are actively representing the living God!



Are you passionate about God’s word? Does it come alive and capture your heart and your attention as you read it? If so, you’re exactly who we’re looking for to be a reader. As a reader, you are an ambassador in that you represent our Savior who not only loved the words of God… he is the Word of God.

Hit the button below and tell us why you want to be a Reader at River City!


Are you able to work quickly and/or carry heavy things? Are you passionate about hospitality and presenting food in a meaningful way? Are you passionate about cleanliness and details? Consider being part of the set up and tear down crew! You are an ambassador in the way you represent our Savior, whose acts of creation prepared the world for his coming and his



Singing in church is not a modern idea that someone recently came up with. It’s actually a gift of God, where a gathered group of diverse people match their voices in pitch and timing to create one clear and distinct proclamation…in fact, multiple times in Scripture we are instructed to sing. It’s not something we choose to do, it’s something we’re supposed to do! While here on earth we’ll never do it perfectly, there is nothing like the gathered body of Christ singing praise to him at the top of their lungs!

At River City we will sing 4-5 songs when we gather, with an intentional attempt to tell the story of God through the content of our songs. Some are hymns written hundreds of years ago; others are recent melodies. But no matter when it was written, we carefully examine the songs to make sure that they are biblically accurate to the Truth of who Jesus is and who we are in light of his work.

Opportunity: Are you passionate about the story of God? Are you excited to join with the body of Christ in singing to your Lord and Savior? Do you want to see singing continue as an important feature of the gathering of the church? Can you play an instrument or sing with joy and enthusiasm? Are you passionate about sound and audio solutions, understanding how to make things sound good? We are looking for people to join the team!


Did you know that food, or meals, is a major theme in the Bible? The Bible actually starts and ends with a meal. In the Garden of Eden, it was a meal (sharing the fruit together) that signified mankind’s fall from their created innocence. All throughout the Scriptures, meals are monumental moments in the lives of God’s people. We’re even encouraged by Jesus himself to share a “meal” together in celebrating the Lord’s Supper. Finally, in the last book of the Bible (Revelation), we’re told that a meal called “The Marriage Supper of The Lamb” is going to be the decisive moment of celebration for Jesus and all of those who have trusted him alone for salvation.

At River City, we are eager to continue this pattern of sharing meals together! We enjoy sharing in coffee and goodies on Sunday mornings and it takes people with a passion for preparing food to make sure it happens. We’re not looking for chefs or chief bakers… we’re looking for ordinary folks who want to make great food for people to connect around.

Opportunity: Are you passionate about hospitality? Do you enjoy making food for others? Do you notice how connections are made quickly when food is involved? And do you see that as a gift from God to serve the local church? If so, hit the button below to add your name to the list!