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Archives: Sermons

Psalm 16

June 30, 2024
For most of us, our home is the place we feel the safest, the most secure. That’s pretty normal and to be expected. But home can be taken away from you by any number of events or circumstances. So where then do you look for security, for rest, for peace, for refuge? David points to only one place, one Person who can provide that for us.
David observes that it is the fool who lives as if there is no God, and yet he also observes that 100% of us live that way. Yet, there is a group of people God calls "his own," a group he calls "righteous." So the question becomes, who are those people, why has God chosen them, and how do you move from "all have sinned" to "and are justified freely"?

Psalm 9 & 10

June 16, 2024
Sometimes the things we "know" in our heads isn't how we see things actually work out in reality. And sometimes the Truth we read in the Bible isn't what we see (yet) in our reality. Psalm 9 and 10 are perfect Psalms to help us process through this.

Psalm 8

June 9, 2024
“When I observe your heavens, the work of your finger, the moon and the stars you set in place, what is a human being that you remember him?” David asks a great question here, but even David doesn’t know where history is headed. God himself doesn’t just remember humans – he becomes one.