Sermon Series 


january - april 2019

We all experience moments in life where we aren’t sure what we’re living for. So we look to create meaning from our work or look for it in our relationships or accomplishments. Yet even the best of experiences — marriage and sex, a good movie, a great job, a wonderful vacation — can still leave us feeling empty inside. The book of Ecclesiastes challenges our perception of the things of earth, and helps us see that while they are gifts of God, they are not designed to give us meaning and purpose.


may 2019

 Any photographer will tell you that it’s good to pause every now and then for a Family Portrait. It’s good to pause and reflect on the past and where you’ve come from, and glance ahead to the future.

We’re going to take all four weeks in May to make a Family Portrait of River City Church, examining the mission our Father has given us and how we plan to accomplish that.

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coming summer 2019

 Coming on the heels of Ecclesiastes, where we looked at the things under the sun that leave us empty in our pursuit of meaning and purpose, this series will help us see how Jesus coming to earth isn’t just to give us meaning…. it’s to usher in a new Kingdom. We have a new leader, a new name, a new set of expectations, and a new hope!

The goal of this series is to see how the future Kingdom has already begun infiltrating the present, and be able to apply Kingdom principles to our lives.