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Grace Marriage



Stagnancy and complacency make marriages vulnerable and subject to attack. Then, marriage breakdown and divorce impact families and churches for decades. We can no longer simply react to crisis. Churches and couples must be proactive and invest time, energy and creativity into their marriages. Sustained growth rarely occurs without structure and accountability. Grace Marriage provides the church a marriage ministry structure that focuses on wellness and crisis prevention as an ongoing approach created for all couples.

Grace Marriage is more of a pathway than a program. Couples meet every 90 days to be engaged by Biblical concepts and look at the big picture, learning how to invest time, resources and creativity into their own marriage. Then the couples create action steps and implement strategies to protect and promote life in their marriage between their meetings.

Watch this video that includes a message from the founder and two couples who have attended Grace Marriage:

Registration is OPEN for 2024!

Event dates for 2024 are:

April 27
July 27
October 26
January 25, 2025