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Marriage Under Attack

  As we’ve been nearing the conclusion of our sermon series on the Kingdom Parables, we’ve been following Jesus into Jerusalem during Holy Week and seen some of his final parables describe the coming kingdom as a wedding. He’s referred to his kingdom as a Wedding Banquet, where invitations are either refused or accepted; He’s referred to his return like a groom going out to get his bride, where those responsible to participate in it are either ready or they aren’t. Those parables led us to Ephesians 5, where the Apostle Paul refers to husbands and wives as a picture of Christ and the Church. Jesus is referring to himself as the husband of the Church, a groom that is coming for his bride!

The Good News

With this kind of language and metaphor used to describe Christ’s relationship to the Church, there is little wonder why marriages are the primary point of attack for the enemy of our souls.

Our true husband Jesus has proposed to us, in paying the bride price of his life and death, that he should be our husband and we would belong to him! His love for the Church is unconditional and endless. Instead of crushing her for her sin, he loved us with an everlasting love, and gave himself up for us, purchasing us with his own life and blood.

With marriage meant to be a beautiful picture of that kind of unconditional and servant love, there is little wonder why marriages are the primary point of attack for the enemy of our souls. If he can break apart the picture of Christ and the Church and make us question the deepest love we can know on earth, it’s not a very far leap to get us to question God’s love for us as well.

Til Death Do Us Part

When a preacher says, “What God has joined together, let no one try to separate,” the devil says, “Challenge accepted.”

When a husband and wife stand at the altar together and the preacher says, “What God has joined together, let no one try to separate”, there is a very real thing that takes place. God does a kind of joining that can’t be undone while the enemy seems to say, “Challenge accepted.”

But thankfully, we’re not left to fight this fight alone! We’ve been indwelt with the power of the Holy Spirit which works faithfully in us often using our imperfect marriage to make us more like Jesus. This same power raised Jesus from the dead. Hold up… raised him from the dead! That kind of power is effective in raising a dead marriage from the grave too! That kind of power is able to accomplish more than we can ever ask or imagine, through Christ who powerfully works in us. On our own, we don’t have the strength to overcome the attacks of the enemy against our marriages. But we do have the strength to stand firm, and trust the promises of God that he will never leave us or abandon us.

Start Today

Maybe you don’t think you’re on shaky ground, or maybe you think the end is in sight and it’s too late to make up for lost time. Great marriages don’t just happen. They take work. So, start today. Pray for your spouse every day. Make time today to be intentional about communication. Ask questions and listen with no phones, no TV, no distractions. Be quick to repent, slow to be defensive. Then pray for each other and ask God to guard you against the enemy, and for his Spirit to help you to love each other the way Christ has loved you.