Where do you meet in Riverside?

Currently we are meeting at Highland Elementary School in Riverside. Your GPS or Google Maps probably still calls it Riverside Elementary. Please check the Calendar page for upcoming gatherings.

Does River City have childcare options for Sunday gatherings?

Yes! We have childcare for ages 5 and under. We will all sit together for the opening songs, then the pastor will dismiss the young ones to the entryway for their class, where they will do Bible-centered activities and stories.

What is a gathering like?

Our aim is that the elements of each gathering tell the whole gospel story through the lens of Creation, Fall, Redemption, and Sending.

We’ll have fresh roasted coffee and often some (usually homemade) baked goods before the service begins, so feel free to come a little early. The sermon usually lasts between 30-40 minutes and we’ll have paper activities for kids 5 and up to do during the service.