Where do you meet in Riverside?

Currently we are meeting at Highland Elementary School in Riverside. Your GPS or Google Maps probably still calls it Riverside Elementary. Please check the Calendar page for upcoming gatherings.

Does River City have childcare options for Sunday gatherings?

We have some childcare for ages 4 and under but, due to a lack of available space, families generally sit together. However, we certainly do not see that as a negative! Jesus welcomed the little children to come to him and we do too! We think it’s incredibly important that children see their parents worshiping the Lord and are themselves participating in congregational singing, listening to preaching, and praying together. They are not some future version of the church — children are an integral part of the church today.

That said, developing a robust children’s ministry is a high priority for River City Church.

What is a gathering like?

Our aim is that the elements of each gathering tell the whole gospel story through the lens of Creation, Fall, Redemption, and Sending.

We’ll have fresh roasted coffee and often some homemade baked goods before the service begins, so feel free to come a little early. The sermon usually lasts between 30-40 minutes and we’ll have paper activities for kids 5 and up to do during the service.


Why does River City meet every other Sunday?

There a couple of logistical reasons, but the main reason is that we’re content to take our time. Our leaders are new to church leadership. We want to pace ourselves well as a church so we lead to the best of our ability. We’re not in a rush to become a “normal” church. We just want to do the best we can with the gatherings we have until we have the bandwidth and people to go to every week.